Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hospitality Industry is the Most Popular and Shows High Performance in Mon.itor.Us Indices

The most popular industries in Mon.itor.Us Industry Benchmarks are Hospitality (307 sites monitored), followed by Retail (253 sites monitored) and Technology (241 sites monitored).

Average availability of Hospitality sites is the highest - 96.76%, with 416 milliseconds response time. Retail sites are up for 98.94% with average page load of 413 milliseconds. Surprisingly, Technology sites are the third. They demonstrate 94.98% uptime with the lowest average page load of 389 milliseconds.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tour and Travel sites Performance Issues According to Mon.itor.Us Benchmarks

All tourism players are busy now in travel planning and booking; hotels, bed and breakfast sites receive reservation requests, travel trade magazines promote travel destinations. Hectic tour and travel booking season influences travel sites' uptime.

Mon.itor.Us Benchmarks for Hospitality Industry show large number (about 1500) of sites being up in average 96.5%. On Week 11 only 2 websites demonstrated 100% availability: and Welcome Armenia landing page performance is above average load time for the week (405 millisecond) and shows 206 milliseconds. 21 sites' availability for last week was below 97%, so the downtime was more than 3 hours. page load is the slowest throughout at least 3 weeks, showing above 4000 milliseconds average load time and the lowest uptime for the period is recorded for (85%), (down to 37%) and (23%).

Websites tagged UK Tour Operators all experienced at least 60 and up to 660 minutes downtime during last week. Top Airline Companies average uptime was 90%, National Tourism Boards 93%, Top Hotel Sites and European Tourism Board 98%, Irish Hotel, Hotel Booking and General Travel Sites 99%.

It was obvious all these sites being busy handling customers: visitors book online, make reservations, browse the web pages for more information, download brochures, check availability. Customer experience should be monitored to improve service and increase web revenues. Frustrated customers' abandoning slow websites result in on-line sales decline, lost revenue potential and credibility damage.

External monitoring at Mon.itor.Us us free, and performed from 3 geographic locations: Germany, Austria and USA, every 30 minutes. Email, IM notifications and RSS feeds alert the site problems to site owners. SMS text messages alert about site issues when administrators do not have access to internet.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Online Marketplace Performance During Valentine Day Shopping Peak

As today's shoppers become more discriminating about their interactions online, the e-commerce sites are required to provide more consistent, positive and more sophisticated experience to their visitors. According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, Inc. among 150 retailers the top priorities include fixing website designs and performance issues and improving the efficiency of online marketing.

Web shopping marketplace traffic increases especially during holidays. Soon Valentine’s Day will approach and from a commercial standpoint it is one of the most lucrative holidays for businesses. According to the National Retail Federation’s 2008 Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, conducted by BIGresearch summarized at MC Marketing Charts on average, each consumer plans to spend $122.98 on Valentine’s Day (similar to last year’s $119.67) resulting in total spending of $17.02 billion.

Valentine’s Day is big business for companies who specialize in seasonal gift items. The most profitable Valentine's Day items are gift cards, candy, flowers and jewelry.

Last year Mon.itor.Us published a report on Flower Delivery Websites: What’s the cost of downtime? Here it summarized information about the availability and performance of 13 of the most popular flower delivery websites during the Valentine season.

Mon.itor.Us Benchmarks these days to show website performance statistics of online shopping marketplace for websites tagged as "greeting cards," "chocolate stores on-line," "jewelry stores," "gift shops Valentine day," "retail." "flowers and gift sites." During the peak of the online shopping season it is possible to compare websites performance and find out how prepared are online shoppers for growing traffic.

Greeting cards sites showed quite good results, but http://www.bellaonline.com_http/ for example was the slowest in a 2 week reports. While several websites in Chocolate stores online, such as and had some availability issues, and were up only 93% and 97% respectively. Jewelry stores report the following websites,,,/ loaded below 2000 milli-seconds in average. was available for 96% of the time. In the Gift shops website showed even lower availability last week at 86%, meaning almost 24 hours downtime. From Flower Sites, and,,, and others were really good in both website load speed and uptime last week. However, showed below average load speed and 96% availabilty.

Availability and performance are important indicators for websites' web success.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Online hotel booking increased to 37%

Travel planning and bookings are among the most popular online activities. Last year more people booked hotels online than via travel agents (GDS) – Internet (37%), GDS (36%), phone (27%). Now booking websites are required to closely monitor their customers experience so they can increase there says by not disappointing their visitors.

Mon.itor.Us Benchmarks generate reports that allow you to compare the availability and performance of the hotel booking sector. Recently community added new Hotel Booking Websites report. Websites with 100% performance last week are: Choicehotels, Daysinn, Harrahs, Hilton, Kayak, StarWood Hotels, while some sites like and were off for 11 and 12 hours respectively. Compared to the previous week where had been off 4.5 hours longer.

Since Mon.itor.Us is a free website monitoirng service, the community can create industry reports and tag them for search and comparison. Weekly reports on Mon.itor.Us Invoices reminds the authors of those tags to re-visits their reports and observe their competitive position in comparison with their competitors. If hotels had been registered by on-line booking sites, they will be able to understand how well the booking sites operate and keep customer satisfaction.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Travel Media Sites Experience Performance Issues

Mon.itor.Us Benchmarks are useful tool to generate and receive reports on industry web availability and trends. Users can compare and evaluate how the sector players demonstrate their competitive advantage in high uptime and excellent performance.

We visited Travel Media Sites to find out how they operate presenting travel related information to there customers. According to the results of monitoring in the 1st week in January, the highest uptime was at, which was at 98.54%. While all the other ones, including,,, showed lower figures. The table also displays the fact that all the sites had longer time outages in January's 1st week, then a week before. Obviously they are experiencing performance issues.

Free website monitoring by Mon.itor.Us helps website owners to find out these problems on-time and correct them before they adversely affect their business reputation. It's worth visiting Mon.itor.Us Benchmark Reports to browse to learn what's happening in the different industries and sectors. By creating your own benchmark, site owners can every week get generated report on sites they benchmarked to be able to compare and gain competitive advantages by showing higher performance and uptime.