Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why websites performance is critical for tourism companies?

Travel planning and booking are among the most popular online activities. $115 billion US worth of travel products are sold worldwide online.

Market share of online leisure/unmanaged business travel sales in Europe, by country for 2006 (2003 figure in brackets) as follows:
UK: 32% (43%)
France: 23% (24%)
Germany: 20% (16%)
Scandinavia: 10% (9%)
Spain: 5% (4%)
Other: 9% (4%)

Websites' uptime is critical for staying competitive and pleasing customers. Mon.itor.Us aggregated benchmark feature demonstrates the uptime of numbers of travel industry players. Travel and Leisure is still slow and is available 92-95% of the time. All European Travel for 2 weeks already has been experiencing problems. The same is for Norway Tourism, Virgin Trains, Italian Hotels and others.

Mon.itor.Us Benchmark is created by the Mon.itor.Us community. Anyone can use the feature to compare it with the competitors and showcase their website performance. There are many high performance websites, that consistently demonstrate their commitment to their web clients, such as Conde Naste, Amberley Musuems, Ireland B&B and others, as shown in Mon.itor.Us Hospitality Aggregated Benchmark report.